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Moral Development Ownership

Moral Development Ownership

New Path Academy values our time with your children.

6 years to 12 years of age is when children develop the ownership of moral development through a variety of activities.

  • New Path Academy’s experienced staff provides consistent mentoring, and a balanced schedule for children.
  • Our partners with families to help with homework routines and individualizes educational support.
  • New Path Academy focuses on teamwork and team building as it fosters lasting friendships.
  • New Path Academy school age program promotes a child to: investigate, create, learn about communities various cultures, and celebrate their heritage; teach them about healthy meals and cooking; challenge their minds; develop self-esteem; participate in field trips, and support moral development ownership through these programs.
  • Utilizes SPARK program and curriculum (sports play, and active recreation for kids) as well as offer high interest activities to engage youth.

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