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Parents Page

Parents Page

Our goal at New Path Academy is to provide your child with a safe environment, and an education that lays the foundation for lifelong success. To be able to provide your child with the best possible care, we try to work in cooperation with parents.

We communicate with them every day and promote parent/teacher conferences twice a year, or more, as the need arises. We also provide parenting classes and parent support services.

Important Notice: We would like to know everything about our children. Please keep us informed of unexpected events that may affect your child’s behavior, or well-being.

Below are a few tips to help your children acclimate to the world around them as they grow:

  • Be kind to your child. Children learn by example.
  • Teach them to respect adults and others, as well as their property.
  • Spend quality time with your child. Even an hour a day will make them feel special.
  • Connect with your child each day at daily mealtime. Conversation around food is comforting to a child.
  • Ask them what their day was like and tell them about your day.
  • Follow the five “W’s" of conversation: Who What Where When Why
  • Ask your child “why” they believe something (good or bad) happened. This will open a whole world of communication and learning discussion for you and your child.

We will raise healthy, happy, and respectful children together. Any child can reach unlimited goals and success, given the opportunity.

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