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After School/Summer Program

After School/Summer Program

We pride ourselves in offering structured after school tutoring with one on one teacher instruction and assistance.

We promote good study habits and offer assistance in the area of organization. We offer one on one interaction for improvement in academics, socialization, and self-help skills.

We promote group activity and teamwork. We play competitive team games and teach how to be supportive of teammates and respectful of opponents. We explain that they will not always win, but trying and learning as a team is the essential win.

A crucial part of our Program is our character development component. First and foremost we encourage positive socialization and respect between all students. We instill the concept of fairness and honesty.

We are devoted to helping all students develop a good well-rounded character. We consistently work at demonstrating good citizenship to all students and parents.

We demonstrate to all students the importance of taking care of our building, equipment, and supplies. We continually demonstrate the importance of rules and the necessity in both obeying the rules and respecting authority. We strongly discourage name-calling and making fun and demonstrate the hurtful consequences of doing so.

We demonstrate and encourage all students to act responsibly, be a goal setter, choose what is most important, dare to care, excel at listening first, find the best answers together, and stay healthy.